2020 Board of Directors Binder

2020 Board Binder Table of Contents

Board Composition

1.) Board Roster 2020

2.) Board Member Biographies

3.) Board Structure

4.) Committee Chart

Board Responsibilities & Annual Forms

1.) How to Access the Board Portal

2.) 10 Basic Responsibilities of Boards

3.) Board Recommended Governance Practices

4.) Nevada NRS 82 Law

5.) Every Board Must Have

6.) Annual Forms to Sign

Board Meetings & Calendars

1.) Board Meeting Agenda Template

2.) Board Meeting Dates

3.) Board Annual Calendar of Activities

4.) Sample Board Meeting Evaluation

5.) Board Meeting Minutes

Board Development

1.) Board Training Topics

2.) Training Dates

3.) Training Materials

4.) Board Retreat

5.) Board Self-Evaluation (Once Every Two Years)

6.) CEO Performance Evaluation (Annually)

Corporate Documents

1.) Mission Statement & Core Values

2.) IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter

3.) Corporate Charter

4.) State of Nevada Tax Exemption Letter

5.) Articles of Incorporation

6.) Bylaws

Financial Information

1.) Current Operational Budget

2.) Form 990

3.) Audit (6.30.18)

4.) Investment Policy

5.) Finance Manual


1.) Brochure

2.) Organizational Chart

3.) Strategic Plan

4.) Strategic Plan Framework

5.) Strategic Plan Commitment Document

6.) Strategic Plan Progress Report (10.24.19)

7.) Development Plan

8.) Employee Manual

9.) Impact Committee Plan

10.) Resource & Development Plan

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Open Air Markets – For an up-to-date schedule on the special Open Air Markets, check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/lssnv.

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