As I am writing, we have a production team at our headquarters doing a documentary on homelessness. The team has interviewed hundreds of people to identify root causes. Even though there are overarching societal issues at play, such as housing prices, every person has a story. One homeless man initially ended up on the streets because his social security check got lost in the mail. Because of this delay, he was evicted from his apartment which set off a cascade of events that left him more and more vulnerable. We are helping him recover his birth certificate and now connecting him to employment services, the most important next step.

When we sit down with clients and connect them to resources, especially employment, a great starting point in the conversation is to ask them about their mission. What is their ‘why’? They may be trying to be a better parent, friend, employee, or citizen. They may have some type of creative gift or other meaningful pursuit. They may need to troubleshoot some other problems that are preventing them from moving forward. This information helps us to encourage them in any number of areas.

Employment gives our clients a sense of mission. Mission gives them a sense of direction and motivates them to pursue additional goals. It provides a framework for evaluating choices and prioritization. If we have a strong sense of purpose, we will be more resilient in the face of inevitable obstacles. Do you know anyone who needs employment? We have a team of people who are ready to encourage every individual in their mission, provide coaching, and connect them to resources they did not know existed. Finding their mission is our mission.

It takes 30 seconds to start the process with an Employment Navigator. You can scan the QR code below or click on this form. We start by discussing your work experience, skills, and career goals. From there, we can create an action plan that outlines steps to take to get the job you want. We can also provide you with resources such as resume and cover letter templates, job search advice, interview tips, information on job fairs and other relevant resources.