Invest In Us Today Through A Cash Donation

One-time Donation
Donate cash to LSSN & deduct the entire amount from your taxable income. The maximum deduction is 50% of your annual income. Click here to donate with credit card. or you can send us a check at 73 Spectrum Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Recurring Donations
Donate cash to LSSN & deduct the entire amount from your taxable income. (Maximum deduction is 50% of your annual income) Click here to donate with credit card.

Vehicle, gold, silver, coin & jewelry donations

You can give non-cash donations, such as vehicles, gold, silver, boats, coin & jewelry.

Sponsor our move!
Hooray, we are moving soon! Will you please help us by purchasing housewarming gifts for us? We need Staff Office furniture, Equipment and Appliances. Fill out our interest form.

Naming Opportunities
You made our permanent home possible! Would you like to instantly become a part of our future history and leave a legacy? Would you like to see your company’s, or your loved one’s name on it? Then hurry and let us know because the time is short! The construction will end in February 2018!

Please note that Naming Gifts may be given by individuals, families, companies, congregations, religious groups, or other organizations. They may also be given in honor or in memory of a loved one. The gifts may be given as a one-time payment or as pledges paid monthly, quarterly, or annually within a three-year period. Please Fill out our interest form.

Name LSSN’s building
Give 1 million dollars to name our building after yours or a name you choose. Please call us directly at (702) 839-8777 as we cannot process that transaction online or Fill out our interest form.

Name a Space(s) in LSSN’s building
Give $10,000 or more to engrave your name on a space(s), and a space you choose will immediately be yours! Over 15 opportunities have already been reserved. Fill out our interest form to choose an available opportunity(ies):

Your name on our permanent donor wall

Sponsor LSSN’s Operational Expenses
Did you know that most funding sources pay little for operational expenses? However, just like any other company or business LSSN has utility, maintenance, repairs and cleaning, staff, repair, paper, ink and copier lease, and many other expenses. We cannot operate LSSN without incurring those expenses. Please fill out our interest form or Click here to donate with credit card.


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Pantry – Walk ins are welcome during our pantry hours (9:00-1:00pm Monday through Thursday). Please make sure to bring ID, Social, and proof of income and address. At your first visit to the pantry you can schedule an appointment every two weeks. To schedule your pantry pick up email or call 702-639-1730

Open Air Markets – For an up-to-date schedule on the special Open Air Markets, check out our Facebook page at

For more information, please call or e-mail