When I (Martin from LSSN) was about 15 my parents informed that henceforth, my brothers and I would have to purchase our own clothing. At the time during the summer I was a little league baseball umpire and earned $20 per game. I always had money and nice clothes at the beginning of the school year but a few months into the year all my money from the summer would be gone. At one point I asked my parents to buy me a pair of shoes. I remember my dad saying something like: “I got three words for you… get [dramatic pause] a [dramatic pause] job.”

For me, employment was a powerful tool for personal transformation. Being an umpire provided me with an opportunity to develop. At one point I umpired for kids that were older than me. My dad and his friends were umpires and would occasionally come to my games and coach me on how to improve. I had to to build rapport with coaches, players, and other umpires. Outside of a few screaming parents it was also fun and gave me something to do.

Our CEO Armena often says that her dream is that our society will be transformed so completely that we, as a social services agency, would no longer need to exist. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job. Helping people with employment is a key component for this type of societal transformation take place.

A few months back we started a new program helping people to get jobs. Tye Brock (tbrock@lssnv.org) is one of our Employment Navigators. Feel free to email him if you or someone that you know in Las Vegas needs employment or a job up from their current position. They can also scan the QR code below. Leonard spells out a few keys to success in this process below:

“Times have changed and applying for work in the digital age takes a lot of patience, persistence, and attention to detail in order for an applicant to make themselves the most ideal candidate. Patience, because it takes an average of a 3 to 6 weeks from applying to interviews to hire to start date. Many do not have the financial stability to wait that long so they settle for a lesser position/pay that had a faster process. Persistence is needed because many corporations are receiving hundreds of applicants daily. A candidate needs to keep continual contact with their hiring supervisor. Lastly, one’s attention to details is critical. A candidate should know the type of work and how it relates to his or her own skills/previous experience. This can be the deciding factor that elevates one to the interview level, where others get left on the ‘applied only’ floor.”