Las Vegas is a city in which it is very easy to find a low paying job but quite a challenge to find a job that can sustain a family. The definition of a sustainable income has changed dramatically because of inflation over the last 16 months. Many that were previously ‘low income’ have now dipped below the poverty level with the prices of rent, food, and many commodities skyrocketing. So even though the unemployment rate is 5.40%, most of the jobs available are low paying and with even greater levels of turnover than were present before the pandemic.

LSSN is known for its diverse services for individuals of many demographics, including low-income, at-risk of homelessness, homeless, families with or without children, youth, veterans, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. Every one of these groups have been impacted by inflation and the job market!

One bit of good news is the launch of our Employment Navigation team! We at Lutheran Social Services of Nevada are now helping people who live in the city of Las Vegas as they navigate the complexities of the current employment landscape and are looking to advance their careers.

Help us spread the word by sharing this email with anyone you know who needs a job up from where they are. Perhaps you know a young person who has been unsure of what career path to take. This service is suitable for assisting in transitions from part time to full time, part time work for those in retirement, and for those needing direction towards trade schools or other career advancement or work experience opportunities. Feel free to share this email. The process starts with the questionnaire on our home page–look for Employment Navigators. To sign up click on this form.