Prepare for Battle this Summer!
June 2nd, 2020

After a hiatus of several years, the Peanut Butter Wars were back last July. In total, six area churches collected over 39,000 pounds of peanut butter for LSSN’s food pantry, including a whopping 20,487 pounds from Good Samaritan Lutheran Church!

This July the Peanut Butter Wars are back again and bigger than ever. Will you be able to take the crown from our reigning champions at Good Samaritan Lutheran Church?

What are the Peanut Butter Wars?
Every summer, LSSN holds a drive for one of our most popular food pantry items: peanut butter. Local churches, businesses, and groups are able to register and compete to see who can donate the most peanut butter in a single month (July). The winner of the “war” becomes our reigning champion and is recognized by LSSN!

How to Join the War
First, e-mail Tristan Hightower at to let him know that your church or group will be competing.

Then start collecting your peanut butter! There are many ways you can contribute:

1. Bring your peanut butter to your church’s regular donation box for LSSN or start a regular donation box for LSSN and let us know!

2. Deliver your peanut butter to LSSN. This is especially good for large donations, but contact Tristan first at to arrange a time.

3. Give money to LSSN. Too busy to collect pounds and pounds of peanut butter? You can also give to LSSN online here or mail a check to LSSN. Each dollar donated will count for three pounds of peanut butter towards the congregation or group’s total. Just make sure to e-mail Tristan at to let him know your gift is for Peanut Butter Wars!

The War will run from Wednesday, July 1st at 8:00 a.m. to Friday, July 31st at 3:30 p.m. Start your collection now!

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