LSSNV 2017 Wine Tasting & Silent Auction


Can't attend but will donate!

Family Empowerment Services

LSSN’s Empowerment Program provides people in need with the tools necessary for self-sufficiency with programs designed to give people the sense of dignity that comes from being able to obtain and keep employment, as well as how to make good, informed decisions to improve the quality of their lives.

Birth Certificate/Nevada Identification Assistance

LSSN assists people in obtaining their Birth Certificates and/or Nevada Identification. These documents are needed to obtain housing and employment.  Availability is dependent upon funding.

Temporary Rent/Utility Assistance

To help those in danger of becoming homeless, LSSN can provide temporary rent and/or utility assistance.  Several requirements need to be met based on the grants that cover this assistance. Please email  to receive information about the rental and utility assistance.

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