Giunchigliani and Ramalho co-chair Opening New Doors Campaign
December 12th, 2017

Lutheran Social Services is pleased to announce co-chairs for the Opening New Doors fundraising campaign: Clark County Commission Chris Giunchigliani and NBC Las Vegas’ Gerard Ramalho.

Few places in our nation were hit harder during the Great Recession than Southern Nevada. In far too many cases, practically overnight, hundreds of thousands of local residents lost their jobs, homes, or financial stability.

Throughout that time of significant need by so many of our neighbors, Lutheran Social Services of Nevada (LSSN) was there for them. As LSSN has done over for over three decades of service to our community, the non·profit agency, whose roots are grounded in the Lutheran tradition of lending a helping hand but whose fundamental commitment to serve embraces everyone, is one of the shining examples of what makes Southern Nevada such a great place to live and work.

It is this tradition or serving others and a track record or measurable impact that motivates our commitment to LSSN. We are proud to be Honorary Co-Chairs or the Opening New Doors Campaign, because we know that an investment in LSSN will have meaningful and significant returns improving the lives of so many residents of Southern Nevada.

By reaching our campaign goal of $3.75 Million, LSSN will not only move into a new and highly energy efficient and innovative facility uniquely situated on a campus of social, residential and educational services but also be financially prepared and enabled to serve tens of thousands more community members. We invite you to learn more about the great needs addressed and the wonderful opportunities presented by this campaign for LSSN in the accompanying brochure.

We are incredibly heartened by the support that the Opening New Doors Campaign has received. Visionary lead gifts have brought the campaign total to $3,4 Million! With your assistance, we know that we can reach our goal by the time that LSSN moves into the new facility in early 2018.

We enthusiastically ask you to join us in supporting this campaign so LSSN can continue to serve and innovate so many more will thrive!

Thank you for consideration.

Chris Giunchigliani, Clark County Commissioner

Gerard Ramalho, NBC Las Vegas

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