When thinking of Social Services, some imagine somber folks waiting in a line to receive services. Some do come into one of our three locations looking down. We train our staff and volunteers to consider this, and that extra grace can be required when serving anyone who has experienced a downturn in their life. Most of those reading this message have experienced a downturn at some point. But, during Easter, we have an amazing opportunity to flip the script. This is a season we don’t want to merely serve families as usual. We want to invite them to join a 2000-year-old movement and have church members, clients, staff, community partners, sponsors, friends and neighbors all come together to celebrate.

Last Easter, together we served 390 children. You can help us beat the record! There will be hundreds of people and perhaps tens of thousands of meaningful interactions on Thursday, March 28 from 2:00-5:00pm at Whitney Rec Center. All of us need some bunny to love 😂.

Check out more at https://conta.cc/3vn6Jg7