Let us spread the love and get ready for the 2023 Peanut Butter Wars to begin! This protein packed treat is loved by the whole family including kids, parents, grandparents… even some pets enjoy a little skippy! We will also utilize donated peanut butter at our Back-to-School Resource Fair! This is a fun-raiser and a food-drive in which churches and businesses compete to see who can donate the most peanut butter by weight. The current reigning Peanut Butter Wars Champion is New Song Church who collected 29,246 pounds last summer. We shall see if they can maintain possession of the prestigious peanut trophy this summer. Shout out to Community Lutheran who collected about 10 car loads of peanut butter. We may have to rent a Uhaul this year 😁.

The wars will run from July 1 through Monday, July 31st at 3:30pm. To get your church, business, organization involved, please contact Martin at martin@lssnv.org.

Update from August 6:

The Peanut Butter Wars has come to its bitter sweet finale. Thank you to all of the Churches that competed so valiantly! The results are in:

The Peanut Butter Wars Champion for the 3rd consecutive year is New Song Church Anthem who collected 16,235 pounds of crunchy and creamy peanut butter! Congratulations on the three-peat winner! Some plans are in the works to dethrone the champs in 2024 😆.

The runner up and winner of the award for demonstrating the most creativity in their passionate pursuit of peanut butter, with 9616 pounds, is Community Lutheran Church! Congratulations.

Thank you to Good Samaritan and Good Samaritan at the Lakes who collected 7568 pounds of peanut butter, Saint Andrew collected an all-time best of 6760.5 pounds, Christ the Servant collected 2706 pounds, Christ Lutheran in Boulder City collected 999 pounds, Grace Lutheran in Henderson collected 317.50 pounds, Holy Spirit Lutheran collected 220 pounds, and New Journey church, in their first year competing, collected 28 pounds. Thank you for fighting with us against food insecurity!