Thanks for being an advocate of Lutheran Social Services!

This week we served refugees from Venezuela, a few families camped out by Lake Mead, single moms, veterans, individuals at risk of being homeless, people with disabilities, senior citizens, and low-income folks.

One lady named Darlene came in to get grocery assistance from our pantry at our Boulder Highway collaborative. When people come through the doors, we often ask them about their lives to find out how we can best serve them. If they are unemployed, for example, we will get them signed up to meet with an Employment Navigator right away. When we asked Darlene about herself, she told us about her struggle with aggressive colon cancer. She had many rounds of chemo and a couple surgeries to try and remove the cancer. Unfortunately, her cancer came back. She decided to give up on any treatment and live her remaining time on earth as best she could. She asked us how to put LSSN in her final will because she has been so blessed by the ministry. “I don’t have much left but what I do have I want you guys to have.” Please pray for Darlene and other folks that we serve that are going through very difficult times!

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