We are so excited to be a part of the employment journey for so many; our Employment Navigators just helped a young man from Venezuela get a great IT job! We also recently had our first hiring event with Amazon and 13 job seekers came to this instant hiring event. It was even easier to get hired than we initially thought! Individuals simply filled out the application and background info and within a week will be told whether they are an Amazon employee or not. After that, they download the app and choose which shifts, up to 40 hours a week, that work out for them. Our next instant hire event is coming up March 1. Spread the word! We can coach you on how to navigate the complexities of the job market.

We all need coaches in our lives in certain areas and at certain times. I have several people coach me. My pastor coaches me on improving my character. I have an IT guy that helps me with website development. My chiropractor gave me great advice on improving my posture and stretches that I can do. I even ask people at the gym, who seem to know what they are doing, if my form is correct when I do squats. People are usually very happy to help!

I love being coached. I get angry if I’m not coached. I ask a lot of questions and certainly appreciate any insight and feedback. I think if you ever stop listening to coaching or stop asking questions, you probably need to be doing something else.” -Peyton Manning

It takes 30 seconds to start the process with an Employment Navigator. You can scan the QR code below or click on this form. We start by discussing your work experience, skills, and career goals. From there, we can create an action plan that outlines steps to take to get the job you want. We can also provide you with resources such as resume and cover letter templates, job search advice, interview tips, information on job fairs and other relevant resources.