Over the last few months, we have had focus groups with several constituent groups with the purpose of listening and getting crucial feedback on our agency. We met with clients, volunteers, donors, and church partners. If you have something that you think that we could improve, or something that you think we are doing well, you can read further and provide critical feedback by clicking https://conta.cc/3BBCe5U This feedback is anonymous.

Coming out of these focus groups, one thing that we wanted to improve is our engagement with volunteers. Every month we have about 25 volunteers that work for 300 to 400 hours! And those are just the hours we keep track of; many volunteer hours from local churches or other groups are not captured.

The Bible in 1 Peter 4:10 encourages readers, “as each person has received a gift or talent, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s grace.” In other words, use your strengths to serve others–without expectation of remuneration. We are privileged to have volunteers that are using their strengths to bless people in diverse ways. We have volunteers who give us administrative support, help create media, drive to pick up food with no compensation, work with seniors in the Senior Meals program, do data entry, work in the pantry, cook food, clean, make calls, reply to emails, help with our seasonal drives like the Angel Tree Toy Drive, assemble hygiene kits, collect and organize food donations, and so much more. One volunteer named Ann, serves in four or five different capacities and won the LSSN 2022 Volunteer of the Year. Congratulations Ann!

The last two fiscal years we served about 3200 people per month people with grocery assistance, housing, ID recovery, senior services, employment services and other programs for the most vulnerable among us. To all of our faithful volunteers, we want to one more time say thank you! The bottom line is that we could not serve these people in need without you.